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Does your date ask you enough questions?

Meeting Alert: Whether or not your meeting asks you about yourself and your life in general, it matters a lot. This is one of those questions that you may not often think about, but it's important to take the time to think. When we ask if your meeting is asking enough questions, we ask ourselves: How much do they show interest in me? If someone is really interested in knowing your reality, he should ask you questions about you and your life; if they do not, they show you that the details of your personality are not as important as that. Maybe they just want to be with "someone" and are not very picky about that person's identity; maybe they are narcissistic and want to focus on them? It does not matter how you twist it, a date that does not ask you enough questions about you and your life is a very, very bad sign. Speaking of signs, if they were signs appearing on the side of a road, it would be clearly indicated "Danger in advance". I can not count the number of clients in therapy I had in my private practice who shared a dating experience that destabilized them because of this specific problem. An example, in particular, comes to mind. My client, Caroline, had dinner with a new guy and she did what most people usually do at a meeting. She started asking him questions to get to know him better. Why did she ask questions about him and his life? She wanted to know who he was and wanted to get in touch with him. Shortly after dinner, she found herself asking and listening, but she soon realized he was not asking to ask her to come back. At first, she felt a little insulted. Was not he interested? Did he think his personality was unpleasant? After thinking a little more about the question, she realized that her feelings were changing into frustration. Would it be so difficult for him to ask him questions about his life? She wondered what it meant when she returned home and she felt sad as she thought about the date and was getting ready for bed later that night. Remember, for all the men and women who go out with you, to think about the feelings of the person with whom you are meeting. You must strive to show at your appointment that you are not so wrapped up in your body or so anxious that you can not perform the simple and appropriate behaviors of appointments, including asking questions. You must ask questions at your appointment to determine if you are compatible, and you owe them respect for the interest they show because they took the time to meet you. Asking your questions about the date should not be so difficult. You do not need to consult an exhaustive list of top-notch questions ("What is your favorite animal?"), But you should ask a few questions that will make a connection. Ask for your appointment with his family (do they live near or far?) Or with the kind of things he likes to do when they are not working.

Natalie Barnes

Customer, USA